Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish (Swatch and Review)

*Products were provided for honest review

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Few weeks ago I received some babies to try from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish launching event in Jakarta. To be honest, I was very intrigued to try them because they're basically gel polish with no LED light needed to dry them. And I was super glad that Sally Hansen gave me four bottles of the Miracle Gel polishes with one bottle of Miracle Gel Top Coat as sample.

Here is the description of the product on Sally Hansen official web:
The ONLY TRUE 2-STEP GEL MANICURE with no light needed. Over 45 shades that wow! And it's only from Sally Hansen. Leading the revolution in gel technology.
Step 1: Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel™ Color
Step 2: Apply 1 coat of Miracle Gel™ Top Coat
OMGel! Let natural light do the rest!

I decided to create a random floral look using these polishes. The formula is pretty much like regular nail polish which I think is good because I'm really familiar with the formula and I had no difficulties in applying them. The drying time is quite fast, as well as the top coat, though it's not as fast as a fast drying top coat, but faster than a regular top coat. We don't need some fancy LED lights for this, just some natural lights will do the job.

We don't need base coat for this, but make sure that we have clean and oil free surface of nail bed before applying. I buffed my nails a little bit to make the polish stays longer on my nails. I've read some reviews from some people saying that this product only stays less than a week on their nails, but surprisingly this one stays for more than a week with very minor chipping on the tip. Well, sadly it doesn't last for exactly two weeks like what Sally Hansen promised. Oh wait, I just re-read the description and they only say that it'd stay for "up to" 14 days. Yeah, "up to", so I think this product does what it should do. Some minus points that let me down a little bit were some of them are quite sheer and they started to become dull from around day three or four.

4 coats of "Combustealble"
2 coats of "Hydro Electric"
3 coats of "Malibu Peach"
3 coats of "Creme de la Creme"

Overall, I think this product is good enough despite of the issues, and they really last for quite a long time on my nails. I'll give four stars from five for the rating.

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  1. Thanks for your review. My hubby bought me some of this polish just before the disaster I had with my nails 2 weeks ago (blog gives explanation), so it was interesting to see what you had to say. The colours he bought me are just gorgeous, so I can't wait to try them out once my nails recover. I always look forward to your inspirational blogs in my inbox, and can't wait to check them out to see what you have to share with us.