Saturday, June 29, 2013

Inspired by My DIY-Box

Hellooo lovelies

This post is gonna be my entry for a competition at Leesha's Lacquer Nail Art Competition
The theme for this competition is something you're inspired by.

So this is my inspiration!

And what box it actually is?

Yup, it's actually my cotton pad box. It's handmade by me and I totally loveee it. It looks like bumblebee!

And by the way, if you remember my "mani madness" thing I said yesterday, this is the episode 3 of my mani madness :D yiihaaa
Well, that's all! Have a nice weekend lovelies!

God bless you
Love, Victoria

Cartoon Skittle

Hellooo again

This is episode 2 of my mani madness! Hahaa just kidding! It's my second post for today since I did five designs in a row today.

This post is for Step Into Summer Challenge Day 1 - Skittle. I did a wrong skittle before, so I have a responsibility to make the right one!

So this is it!

The polishes I used:
- OPI Matte Top Coat
- OPI Planks A Lot
- OPI Japanese Rose Garden
- OPI Steady as She Rose
- OPI Mermaids Tears
- OPI He's My Boo Mini
- OPI Mummy Knows Best Mini (I forgot to take its picture) as white details
- OPI I Only Date Werewolves (I forgot it too) as black details

Well, that's all. I think it's enough for today. Don't worry, I'll post the rest of my designs tomorrow. I really really need to sleep now since I've lost a lot of energy due to final exam week (but of course there's no "I'm too tired!" for doing nail art!) It's 3:14 a.m. here, so good night! Hahahaaa

God bless you
Love, Victoria

2013 Nail Art Challenge 2: A Polish - That's Your Favourite

First thing to say, my final exam week is finally OVER!! Yeaaaah!! Mani madness begins!

Yup, madness! I did 5 designs in a row. Five! So you'll see some designs on nail tips for the next posts, because I don't want to remove it just right after I made it.

It's for 2013 Nail Art Challenge Day 2, a polish that's my favourite. Seriously, singular? No! I need plural! I have sooo many favourite polishES. But don't worry, you won't see too many mix-match colors in this mani because I just choose three of them.

Here they are!

Okay, don't count my base and top coat as my favourite polishes --"
My favourite are: 
- OPI Liquid Sand Pussy Galore
- OPI Rally Pretty Pink 
- NYX Girls Sunday Afternoon

It's sooo shiny I'm gonna dieeee. It's like they're trying to say "We are ready for party!"
Well, that's the first mani for today and I think I'll do two posts in a row for today. Yiihaaa!

God bless you
Love, Victoria

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Red-to-Yellow Dotticure

Helloooo everyone

Raaawrrr, it's sooooo great to be posting again! Seriously! I've been sick for a while now and lost my voice for like 4 days. Yeah, just 4 days. But my head, my nose, and my throat have been "lost" for almost more than a week now! Plus, I'm in the middle of my final exam week now and it makes me like "just-kill-me!!" Being sick in final exam week is a curse. And that curse is doubled if you were a student of animation college. 3D modelling, rigging, skinning, animating, making animatic storyboard, seriously girls, just kill me!

So now I'm just running from reality (that I still have to finish my short movie animation for tomorrow's exam.)

I decided to participate in Step Into Summer Challenge by Hobby Polish Bloggers and it's for June and July. Yaaaay I love this kinda challenge. I have two months to complete it, so there's no pressure. Actually it's a little bit funny for me since I live in Indonesia and it's summer all year round! No spring, no autumn, no winter, just summer! So I've been stepped into summer everyday for 20 years. Hahhaaa

I'm doing skittle for today, as it says on the first list.
Okay, doesn't really look like a skittle actually --" The colors are too close. Well, let's say that the dots are sweet little skittles, literally :p
Ahahaa I change my mind. It's totally NOT a skittle! It's totally gradient! So I change the tittle and submit it as my gradient entry :D

I'm using acrylic paint on nail tips for this mani. Why? Because I need to be fast. Why? Because, no matter how fed up I am with doing animation for my exam, I still have to finish it! *just kill meee!!

God bless you
Love, Victoria 

Seems like the codes for this challenge don't work on my blog :( I've even tried all type of codes that available. Need to figure out that soon. If anyone have solution for this problem, please help. I'm sorry for this problem :(

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pink Bling


I should be doing my 3D character modelling for my college assignment but instead I write this post (-.-) Wait, don't jugde me! I've been doing that assignment for the past two hours and it's almost half-finished now. I'm just so fed up of staring at 3ds Max and it's gloomy interface colors. So here I am now!

The Crumpet is hosting a challenge for amateurs!! Yay yaaaay amateur! That's me! It's a really great chance for them who are still new, like me, to show off their nail art (Show off? Hahaaa). So I'm challenged to challenge myself to do this challenge.

The theme is pink. Honestly I'm not a big fan of pink. But I'm a big fan of Pink! Got it? Pink (singer) and pink (color)?  Okay, that was a bad pun (-.-) Moving on. Pink is not my favorite color (But my blog's cover and background are pink?) but I kinda love it when it comes to nail art (Yup! That's why they're pink!) It looks so bright and pretty.

So here it is!

These are the polishes I use:
- Revlon Professional Grow 10 as top coat
- OPI Come to Poppy
- OPI Japanese Rose Garden
- OPI Liquid Sand Pussy Galore
- OPI Steady as She Rose
- OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
- NYX Girls Sunday Afternoon

So many PINK! And I love it!! I hope you guys loved it too :D

God bless you

Saturday, June 8, 2013

2013 Nail Art Challenge 1: A Polish - You've Never Used

Helloooow folks

I've never done any nail art challenge before. Never. And since it's my first time doing that kinda stuff, I prefer a lil bit more flexible nail art challenge. That's why I never dare to try any daily nail art challenge. I'm a kinda person who doesn't like pressure so that "daily" thing is definitely not for me. 
I finally found a nail art challenge that suits me really well. Thanks to ProcrastiNails for making this 2013 Nail Art Challenge. Great job!! And big thanks!! I'm so excited with this challenge since it's my first nail art challenge (again with first?!!)

So let me begin with the first challenge, a polish I've never used.
Actually there are seven nail polishes that I've never even touched after I bought them, but I decided to choose this baby.

So this is the polish that I've never used (and turns out I do like it):
- NYX Matte Black

Well, that's it! I hope I could finish this challenge since I have started doing it.
Don't you interested in doing it too? :D

God bless you
Love, Victoria

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Flocking Powder

Hellooow ladies

1st fact, I live in Indonesia
2nd fact, I love knitting
1st fact + 2nd fact = DIY flocking powder idea

Wait, it doesn't even make sense!
Well, let me explain.
Here, in Indonesia, there's no such thing called flocking powder. You won't find it anywhere. In any shop. Ever. And I'm soooo curious to try it since it's everywhere on youtube, blogs, etc.
So when I was knitting a pouch for my iPhone this afternoon, this idea came to my mind. Why don't I make my own flocking powder with this yarn? No need international shipping that takes forever and no need to spend a bunch of money!! Yaaaaay!!

So let's get started!

What you'll need :
1. Yarn
    (I only tried with polyester yarn, so I don't know how it works with different kind of yarn. But it should work fine.)

2. Scissors

Yeah, only those two little buddies.

Cut cut cut cut cut! Cut it into really really small pieces. Cut as short as you can cut to make fluffy powder .

You'll end up with this fluffy powder. This is what it should look like.

Then, of course, apply base coat onto your nails, and put on your very own flocking powder!

From what I always see on youtube, people usually brush away the excess powder right after they put on the flocking powder. But I like to let it dry first then brush the excess away. Just to make sure that my brush won't spoil it.

Well, that's a little tutorial from a girl who never touch any real flocking powder. Maybe it's not as good as the real one but for me (again, who never touch any REAL flocking powder) it's perfect! Thank you for reading and I hope you girls enjoy it :D

God bless you

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vintage... Rose?

Hi hi hi!
So now is time for nail art!

Today I'm gonna show you my first vintage nail art (again with "first"? Hell Hail yeah!) Actually I'm not very satisfied with my nail art today :( Because it bubbles! A lot! Almost on all of my nails! :( I didn't realize it at first, but when I was editing my photos they showed! Those tiny little fart-in-the-water-look-alike bubbles! But I can't do anything about it :(

Well, here they are.

I used OPI Steady As She Rose as my base color. It's a very soft light  pink, almost white, with a slight purple tint. Yeah, it seems more like creamy purple in the picture but actually it's more pink based in sunlight. Really really love this pretty creme color!

And these are the polishes I used:
- Konad Regular Polish White for the flower's white details
- Revlon Professional Grow 10 as my top coat
- OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
- OPI Steady As She Rose
- OPI Planks A Lot
- OPI Mermaid's Tears

Aaaargh still can't let it go off my mind! So much disappointed with those bubbles :(
Well, anyway, I hope you like it :D

+ + + + + + + +
My DSLR camera is finally back!! My friend borrowed it few weeks ago so I had to take pictures for my previous posts with my cell phone camera. Even though it's iPhone 4S' camera, it's still not good enough (duh!). So from now on, no more bad quality photos!! *yaaaaayy!! (If my friend's not gonna borrow it again -.- *booooo!!)

Oh by the way just so you know I submited this nail art for Crumpet Blogger of the Month Competition on and I'm soooo excited with this competition! This is my second time joining nail art competition (>.<) Yeah right I'm still the amateur of the amateurs on nail art stuff. But there's no harm in trying! Sooo wish me luck girls :D

God bless you

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Hi girls, just a quick post before my nail art stuff for today.
Now you can follow me on Bloglovin!! Yeaaah I'm lovin' it!! Don't forget to follow me for more posts about my nail art things (or maybe some random things.)
Well, that's it!

God bless you