Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vintage... Rose?

Hi hi hi!
So now is time for nail art!

Today I'm gonna show you my first vintage nail art (again with "first"? Hell Hail yeah!) Actually I'm not very satisfied with my nail art today :( Because it bubbles! A lot! Almost on all of my nails! :( I didn't realize it at first, but when I was editing my photos they showed! Those tiny little fart-in-the-water-look-alike bubbles! But I can't do anything about it :(

Well, here they are.

I used OPI Steady As She Rose as my base color. It's a very soft light  pink, almost white, with a slight purple tint. Yeah, it seems more like creamy purple in the picture but actually it's more pink based in sunlight. Really really love this pretty creme color!

And these are the polishes I used:
- Konad Regular Polish White for the flower's white details
- Revlon Professional Grow 10 as my top coat
- OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
- OPI Steady As She Rose
- OPI Planks A Lot
- OPI Mermaid's Tears

Aaaargh still can't let it go off my mind! So much disappointed with those bubbles :(
Well, anyway, I hope you like it :D

+ + + + + + + +
My DSLR camera is finally back!! My friend borrowed it few weeks ago so I had to take pictures for my previous posts with my cell phone camera. Even though it's iPhone 4S' camera, it's still not good enough (duh!). So from now on, no more bad quality photos!! *yaaaaayy!! (If my friend's not gonna borrow it again -.- *booooo!!)

Oh by the way just so you know I submited this nail art for Crumpet Blogger of the Month Competition on and I'm soooo excited with this competition! This is my second time joining nail art competition (>.<) Yeah right I'm still the amateur of the amateurs on nail art stuff. But there's no harm in trying! Sooo wish me luck girls :D

God bless you


  1. Such a gorgeous mani! I especially love the design on your thumb, so pretty!

    1. Thanks a lot :D I'm so glad that you like it. I also like it, that's why I took a close up photo of my thumb :D

  2. it suits your skintone very well! love the flowers!