Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Flocking Powder

Hellooow ladies

1st fact, I live in Indonesia
2nd fact, I love knitting
1st fact + 2nd fact = DIY flocking powder idea

Wait, it doesn't even make sense!
Well, let me explain.
Here, in Indonesia, there's no such thing called flocking powder. You won't find it anywhere. In any shop. Ever. And I'm soooo curious to try it since it's everywhere on youtube, blogs, etc.
So when I was knitting a pouch for my iPhone this afternoon, this idea came to my mind. Why don't I make my own flocking powder with this yarn? No need international shipping that takes forever and no need to spend a bunch of money!! Yaaaaay!!

So let's get started!

What you'll need :
1. Yarn
    (I only tried with polyester yarn, so I don't know how it works with different kind of yarn. But it should work fine.)

2. Scissors

Yeah, only those two little buddies.

Cut cut cut cut cut! Cut it into really really small pieces. Cut as short as you can cut to make fluffy powder .

You'll end up with this fluffy powder. This is what it should look like.

Then, of course, apply base coat onto your nails, and put on your very own flocking powder!

From what I always see on youtube, people usually brush away the excess powder right after they put on the flocking powder. But I like to let it dry first then brush the excess away. Just to make sure that my brush won't spoil it.

Well, that's a little tutorial from a girl who never touch any real flocking powder. Maybe it's not as good as the real one but for me (again, who never touch any REAL flocking powder) it's perfect! Thank you for reading and I hope you girls enjoy it :D

God bless you


  1. omg this is such a smart idea! i never thought of this! I will have to try it as i never get round to actually buying it! :D


    1. I'm really glad that you like it :D Thank you :D

  2. Are you kidding me... this is the coolest idea ever! I havent tried flocking yet... maybe now i can!

    1. Hahahaa yes yeees!! I haven't tried it too, that was my first experience of flocking. It was soooo much fun :D Thanks for reading and I'm glad that you like it :D