Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013 Nail Art Challenge 2: A Polish - That's Your Favourite

First thing to say, my final exam week is finally OVER!! Yeaaaah!! Mani madness begins!

Yup, madness! I did 5 designs in a row. Five! So you'll see some designs on nail tips for the next posts, because I don't want to remove it just right after I made it.

It's for 2013 Nail Art Challenge Day 2, a polish that's my favourite. Seriously, singular? No! I need plural! I have sooo many favourite polishES. But don't worry, you won't see too many mix-match colors in this mani because I just choose three of them.

Here they are!

Okay, don't count my base and top coat as my favourite polishes --"
My favourite are: 
- OPI Liquid Sand Pussy Galore
- OPI Rally Pretty Pink 
- NYX Girls Sunday Afternoon

It's sooo shiny I'm gonna dieeee. It's like they're trying to say "We are ready for party!"
Well, that's the first mani for today and I think I'll do two posts in a row for today. Yiihaaa!

God bless you
Love, Victoria

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