Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Red-to-Yellow Dotticure

Helloooo everyone

Raaawrrr, it's sooooo great to be posting again! Seriously! I've been sick for a while now and lost my voice for like 4 days. Yeah, just 4 days. But my head, my nose, and my throat have been "lost" for almost more than a week now! Plus, I'm in the middle of my final exam week now and it makes me like "just-kill-me!!" Being sick in final exam week is a curse. And that curse is doubled if you were a student of animation college. 3D modelling, rigging, skinning, animating, making animatic storyboard, seriously girls, just kill me!

So now I'm just running from reality (that I still have to finish my short movie animation for tomorrow's exam.)

I decided to participate in Step Into Summer Challenge by Hobby Polish Bloggers and it's for June and July. Yaaaay I love this kinda challenge. I have two months to complete it, so there's no pressure. Actually it's a little bit funny for me since I live in Indonesia and it's summer all year round! No spring, no autumn, no winter, just summer! So I've been stepped into summer everyday for 20 years. Hahhaaa

I'm doing skittle for today, as it says on the first list.
Okay, doesn't really look like a skittle actually --" The colors are too close. Well, let's say that the dots are sweet little skittles, literally :p
Ahahaa I change my mind. It's totally NOT a skittle! It's totally gradient! So I change the tittle and submit it as my gradient entry :D

I'm using acrylic paint on nail tips for this mani. Why? Because I need to be fast. Why? Because, no matter how fed up I am with doing animation for my exam, I still have to finish it! *just kill meee!!

God bless you
Love, Victoria 

Seems like the codes for this challenge don't work on my blog :( I've even tried all type of codes that available. Need to figure out that soon. If anyone have solution for this problem, please help. I'm sorry for this problem :(


  1. I love this! What a great job you did! :) Dotticures are my favorite.

    1. Thank you :D I'm really glad that you like it. I love dotticures too! Not so hard to do but look so fun and pretty :D
      ++ I'm sorry if you see two replies, I think there's a problem with my internet connection.