Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pink Bling


I should be doing my 3D character modelling for my college assignment but instead I write this post (-.-) Wait, don't jugde me! I've been doing that assignment for the past two hours and it's almost half-finished now. I'm just so fed up of staring at 3ds Max and it's gloomy interface colors. So here I am now!

The Crumpet is hosting a challenge for amateurs!! Yay yaaaay amateur! That's me! It's a really great chance for them who are still new, like me, to show off their nail art (Show off? Hahaaa). So I'm challenged to challenge myself to do this challenge.

The theme is pink. Honestly I'm not a big fan of pink. But I'm a big fan of Pink! Got it? Pink (singer) and pink (color)?  Okay, that was a bad pun (-.-) Moving on. Pink is not my favorite color (But my blog's cover and background are pink?) but I kinda love it when it comes to nail art (Yup! That's why they're pink!) It looks so bright and pretty.

So here it is!

These are the polishes I use:
- Revlon Professional Grow 10 as top coat
- OPI Come to Poppy
- OPI Japanese Rose Garden
- OPI Liquid Sand Pussy Galore
- OPI Steady as She Rose
- OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
- NYX Girls Sunday Afternoon

So many PINK! And I love it!! I hope you guys loved it too :D

God bless you


  1. So pretty!! And your lines are all really crisp. Did you free-hand this or use tape, I wonder? Good luck in the challenge! :)

    1. Aw, thank you Katherine :) They're hand-painted. At first I used tape for my index finger but I'm not quite satisfied with it so I repaint it with my hand (if you notice, you could see a slight line on it). I find it's harder to use tape because it sometimes (well, always) gets messy when I remove the tape :( I really2 need to practice more with tape :(

    2. I totally hear you... Tape can be tricky!! I find a lot of times that I haven't pressed it down firmly enough before I paint over it, so the paint seeps under. :(

    3. That's it! And in the end I will always end up using a brush to correct the line :( I think my hand is more connected (??) to brush than tape since I used to use brush for my first semester painting assignment --"