Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Red Watermarble (BPS Liquid Palisade Review)

*Products were provided for honest review

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Today I have a liquid palisade from Born Pretty Store to be reviewed. It costs $5.99 for 15ml of liquid palisade. 

It comes in a clear bottle with brush applicator. At first glance, I thought that it's just the same as PVA glue because of its consistency and the color is quite similar as well. So I decided to compare it with my PVA glue that I usually use to protect my finger when I do watermarble or gradient. I applied the PVA glue on my ring finger and the liquid palisade on the rest of my fingers. 

*Liquid palisade on my little finger and PVA glue on my ring finger*
On the picture above, you could see that they are indeed quite similar, but the liquid palisade dries a little bit faster than the PVA glue with the same level of thickness. The liquid palisade dries quite fast, but if you apply it too thick the drying time will become longer.

I tried to do water marble and this product worked pretty well to protect my nails and helped me a lot with the clean up. But you need to wait for it to dry completely, again, before peeling so it can come off easily in one piece because it became wet again after I dipped my fingers into the water. 

Overall, I quite like this product. It does as it says and it's good for the price. It peels off easily in one piece when it's dry. The brush applicator is also quite nice and easy to work with. 

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  1. This clever thing is on its way to me from BPS, can't wait to try it! : )