Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Aveniro Glass Nail Files Review

*Products were provided for honest review

Hi everyone!

Today I'm so excited to share with you my experience of using Aveniro glass nail files. Eva from Aveniro, a Czech based company, contacted me few months ago and offered me some samples of their nail files for me to try and review. I checked their website and look for some descriptions about their product. 

These nail files are so unique because they're made of Bohemian crystal which is renown for the unlimited lifespan, efficiency, simple maintenance and particularly their positive effect on the nails health. The design of the handle is so pretty, some even decorated in crystal stones. After I got some information about these nail files, I decided to give them a try. 

Here's what I got:
  • Manicure stick (type ms05), 115mm long, packed in transparent plastic tube. 
  • Double-sided glass nail file decorated with crystal stones (type M22p), 135mm long, 2mm thickness. It's packed in luxury velvet case.
  • Regular double-sided glass nail file (type M22p), 135mm long, 2mm thickness. It's packed in white plastic case.
  • Travel size double-sided glass nail file (type S22p), 90mm long, 2mm thickness. Also packed in white plastic case.

Since the first time I opened the package I'm impress by how they look. I think they all are so pretty, especially the one that decorated in crystal stones. And because they're made of glass, I think they indeed are so unique. Each of them has the right weight and feels so sturdy in my hand. But again, since they're made of glass, you need to be careful in hadling them. Try not to drop it.

Talking about quality of the nail files, I've been using these for around two months now and I can tell that the quality is really great in my opinion. I love how gentle it feels on my nails. The grit is not too harsh and not too soft. I rarely got splitting nails for the last two months. But in spite of the gentleness of the grit, it's surprisingly quite effective and doesn't take a long time to file down my nails. 

I'm really glad  that Aveniro sent me the travel size nail file. I super super love it! It's really handy. I literally bring it everytime I go. It's quite small so I can put it in my purse. It's not that I need to file my nails that often. It's because sometimes when I break my nail (Yes, it happens sometimes..) I always want to file it right away before I cut myself with my sharp broken nail. 

To be honest, I rarely use manicure stick before. I used to push back my cuticle using my pointer finger nails. But after I tried to use this manicure stick, I slapped myself in the face (not literally). Why didn't I use this kind of tool earlier. Both ends are also made of glass and have similar texture to the nail files so they're quite effective for cleaning under your nails. At first I was afraid of using this stick because it's made of glass and it looks sharp. But it's not as sharp as it seems. You need to be careful of using it though. 

Final thoughts, I'm really satisfied with these products. Love love love them a lot! They have great quality with beautiful design. I couldn't ask for more. I definitely recommend these products. Be sure to check out Aveniro website.

And that's it for today! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed it :D
Have a great day everyone!

God bless you

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