Thursday, July 25, 2013

OMD Challenge Day 31 - Recreate Your Favourite

Oh Mon Dieu Challenge Day 31 - Recreate Your Favourite

For my last day of OMD challenge, I decide to recreate Day 16 of OMD - GumDrop Halfmoon by Jacqui from Craftynails. This is her oh-so-pretty halfmoon.


Look how pretty that is!! Oh, and she was my first, my very very first, follower! She followed me on bloglovin June 2nd, 2013. Seriously! This super talented nail artist is my first follower! The first time I got an email from bloglovin that I got my first follower, this was my reaction.

Well, movin' on! At first I wanted to do her 3D Spiral Wire Nails on Day 20 because it looks soooo cool!! Seriously, for me it's super super cool! But then I hit my own head and thought "Hey wake up! That's 3D! And you don't have any wire!" Yeah, I don't really like 3D on my nails. That's why I finally decided to make her GumDrop Halfmoon.

Here it is!
I don't have the same exact polishes and no rhinestone studs :(

Well, it's not as good as hers but I hope you guys like it. And I hope you like it, Jacqui. Sorry for making a worse version from you super gorgeous mani :p

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God bless you
Love, Victoria


  1. What a nice post! I didn't know i was your first bloglovin follower! Thank you for all the kind words! You're a sweetheart!
    I love this mani, as always :)

    1. Aaaaww thank you sooo much Jacqui :D Super glad you like it :D
      Yeah you are! And you're the first one who made me think "Oh my! Someone read my post and want to read more!" It really encourages me to keep posting until now :D
      *hug and kisses