Friday, July 26, 2013

OMD Challenge Day 26 - Favourite Holiday/Vacation

Oh Mon Dieu Challenge Day 26 - Favourite Holiday/Vacation

Yaaaaay finally!! I've finished my OMD Challenge! Yaaaay *again! I'm really proud of myself for finishing this challenge. I mean, hey, it's a 31 days daily challenge and a type of lazy girl like me could finish this! Woohoooo

And this is my last post on July because today is the day I'm leaving for South Korea! What a bittersweet coincidence. The sweet part is it matches the OMD challenge theme for today, favourite vacation! But the bitter part is I'm gonna miss my boyfriend more :( He's on his vacation in Thailand since July 22nd and will be back to Indonesia tonight. But tonight, yeah it's also tonight, I'll be in my flight to South Korea :( Boohoooo! It will be so hard for us to communicate. I hope I could get easy access to internet.

Okay, enough with the whining! This is my mani for South Korea! It's inspired by Korean flag and hanbok which is a traditional clothing of Korea.

 (I definitely gotta buy some cuticle removers and hand cream soon --")

 It says "Dae Han Min Guk"
'Dae Han Min Guk' simply means Democratic (Min) Republic (Guk) of the Great (Dae) Han (Meaning Han people dating back to early AD from China). "
Well, let's say it's a more formal way of saying "Korea".

OUUUCH!! I just realized that wrote it wrong! I wrote "Dae Hin Min Guk", and "Dae Han Min Guk" should looks like this 대한민국 :( 
For those who understand Korean, I'm really sorry for this :(

And special for today...
Introducing...*drum roll please*... my mom's naiiils!!
Dum durruduum durudduuum!!

My mom asked me to do South Korea nail art on her nails too. Well, it's really fun but it's quite hard to do on her oh-so-tiny-cutie-nails.

Well, that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll see you again on August!

God bless you
Love, Victoria


  1. I will miss you posting! These nails are just gorgeous - that orange is super pretty! You did such a lovely job. Have a wonderful time!!

    1. Yaaaay I know that you'd like that orange :D I used OPI He's My Boo, the one you asked on my OMD - Stripes. Yeaah, I did have a really wonderful time there :D But I missed to see your posts too when I was on South Korea. Thanks a lot Jessica! Your comments always encourage :D

  2. Fun manicures!
    You did an amazing job in the challenge and have a great time !

    1. Yaaaay I did have a really great time there :D Thanks a lot Jacqui! I'm really glad that you like it :D and thanks for this awesome challenge!!