Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm Back Home!! (Haul)

Yiihaaaa!! Hello everyone!

It's really good to be blogging again! Yup, I'm back from South Korea! Actually I got home last night but I had zero energy and fell asleep right away. Although I had a really great time there, coming back home is still greater. Home sweet home, baby! Well, I'm still pretty tired now but I'm too excited to share things I bought from Seoul with you.

Well, let this haul post started!

Yup, they're all nail products, except that Ésfolio Aloe Vera. I'm not a big spender so for me this is a LOT.

Good thing about shopping cosmetics in Korea is you'll get some free gifts after purchasing. These are some free samples I got.

This is a stuff I bought from Lotte Duty Free Shop. And it's not a Korean product. 
This is...

Yup, OPI Euro Centrale. I know, I know, this is too late! But I really love this collection and since it's much cheaper here than in Indonesia, I couldn't hold myself from buying (Well, actually my dad bought them for me :p You rock, Dad!)

These are some The Face Shop nail polishes. From left to right: GL112, PP401, PP401 again (I don't know, maybe they stuck the wrong name tag on one of the bottles), 05, Magic Magnet - BK901, Magic Magnet - GR501

One set of Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail Collection with free additional Skin Food Aloe Mask Sheets.

These are Etude House Juicy Cocktail - Screw Driver (left) and Juicy Cocktail - Lime Squash (right). They're for gradient nails.

Etude House Nail & Body Painting - Warming Lemon. I really love that super neon yellow! Well, thanks to my camera and the lighting it looks more like a pastel yelllow than a neon yellow --" But trust me, it's really neon and really bright!

Etude House Bling in the Sea. They come in shimmery clear nail polish (WH901), turquoise glitter polish (I can't find the code), and blue glitter polish (can't find the code too).

Etude House Ice Cream Colors. From left to right: PP501, PK001, OR201, BR401, GR701, BE101.

Etude House PBE102, BK801, BL601.

Here are some nail treatment products. Etude House Help My Finger Sunshine Whitener, The Odbo Nail Balm, Etude House Help My Finger Milk Strong, Etude House Help My Finger Essence Spa. The funny part is, the Etude House Sunshine Whitener and Milk Strong are made in France. Yup, it's written on the back of the bottles. My first thought is, "Is it mistyped or something?"

These are Etude House Sweet Seven Way Buffer, The Face Shop - Face it Magic Magnet, and Etude House Cuticle Nipper.

Ésfolio Moisture Soothing Gel Aloe Vera. They said you can use it for your face, for your hand, for your body, and even for your hair, to moisturize them.

Well, those are all I bought from South Korea and I haven't tried to use them. Maybe I could do swatch and review posts, but some other time. Definitely not today. I'm waaaay too tired.
I hope you enjoyed it girls!

God bless you
Love, Victoria


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! Nice collection of goodies!

    1. Yaaaaay it is!! Even though not all of them give me a good impression, I still don't regret that I bought them all :D