Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Marble Stone Jewellery Nail Tutorial

Hey everyone!

Do you still remember my OMD Challenge Day 27 - Jewellery? Here is the picture to remind you in case you forget.

I'm surprised that so many people love this manicure since the OMD challenge up until now. So I decided to make a tutorial detailing how I do it. I'm so excited in typing this post because this is my first nail tutorial post. Well, because it IS my first attempt in doing nail tutorial, I hope it won't turn into a pretty big mess.

 - White polish (I used Konad Regular Polish White)
- Your base color polish (I used OPI Mermaid's Tears)
- Silver or gold polish (I don't have any so I used NYX Sunday Afternoon)
- Black polish (I used OPI I Only Date Werewolves)
- Parfume or any other alcohol-based spray
- Sponge
- Striping brush
- Cup (any cup will do as long as it fits when you dip your fingers in it) filled with room temperature filtered water

 Paint your nails with your base color polish.

Make the gradient with white polish and your base color using a sponge. The white gradient will create a highlight on your nails to make an illusion of shiny stone jewellery.

Prepare your black polish, parfume or any alcohol-based spray, and a cup filled with water.
Drop two or three drops of black polish and then spray spray spraaay
(Well, it's not as good as my first attempt --" I kinda fail this time)
Dip your nails.
(See? It's not quite good --")
(So I redo the process to make it looks... better?)
Don't worry if you make mistakes because for this effect I think the messier the better.

After your nails all dry, prepare your silver or gold polish and your stripping brush.
Then border your nails.

Smooth the edges by adding curves. 
Just simply follow your nail shape for the border.

Last, apply top coat.

Well, that's all guys. I hope you enjoyed my first nail tutorial.
(I'm sorry if I made mistakes in this tutorial.)

Aren't you interested in trying? If you are, share your re-creation with me by leaving your link on the comment below!! :D

God bless you
Love, Victoria

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