Monday, August 19, 2013

N.A.I.L. - Theme 3: Sand

N.A.I.L. - Theme 3: Sand

 It should be looked like "SUMMER" but I failed.

The main problem when I made the sand effect is I don't have any brown textured polish (a.k.a. I only have one textured polish, OPI Pussy Galore)

So I tried to dabbed my light brown polish with sponge over my one and only textured polish and violaaa.. the light brown beach sand effect is created!

FYI, voting for the N.A.I.L. theme 2: Sea now is open so you can vote here and you have three votes.
Here's my sea manicure!

Well, that's it guys! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post :D

God bless you
Love, Victoria


  1. So cute, I didn't have texture polish in nude, so had to go with my trusted Nite Owl from Orly <3

    1. Wow, the Nite Owl surely suits the shimmery beach sand :D