Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer Fun Challenge - Back to School

Hey everyone :D

So this is the last theme I did for Summer Fun Challenge. After this post, then it's all done! Yaaaay I finished another challenge!!

A lot of "Back to School" manis I found on Google are about chalkboard, pencil, paper, etc. But for me, as an animation college girl, those things aren't my "school stuff". My school stuffs are a CPU, a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor, which means computer! Oh, and not to mention all those creepy 3D modelling and animation softwares. But I don't want to paint those creepy things on my nails. I want something fun and bright. So I decided to paint my everyday-school-stuff which are my sneakers.

Okay, let's straight to the point mani.

Well, that's it guys! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you guys enjoyed it :D

God bless you