Wednesday, January 22, 2014

December N.A.I.L. - Theme 3: Winter Solstice (Catch Up!)

December #NAILLINKUP - Theme 3: Winter Solstice

I know, I know, it's too late for this. I'm a 100% tropical girl who lives in a tropical country so what do I know about winter solstice? Nothing. I totally had no idea about this prompt and actually I still have no idea. But better late than never, right? So here it is, hopefully "winter solstice" enough.

Here I have a Super Easy Swirl Nail Art Tutorial for the design on my middle finger.

Polishes used:
- Orly "Mysterious Curse"
- Kleancolor "Gold Bright"
- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Celeb City"

Phew~ Finally it's done! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed it :D
Have a great day lovelybuns!!

God bless you


  1. Replies
    1. I can't miss any of these prompts, right? LOL :D

  2. These are lovely! I love the way the colors work together and your nail art skittles are great. And hey, I live where the winter solstice is SUPER apparent and I didn't even do solstice nails. ^^ Stay awesome.

    1. Thanks my dear, I'm really glad you like it! Ooooh I wish I lived in a country with winter! I've never felt it before but I think I'd love winter! And isn't the winter solstice sooo awesome? :D

  3. This looks gorgeous! I love these three colors together, and all the designs match together perfectly :) Very winter solstice-y!

    1. Really? You think it's very winter solstice-y? Ooooh I'm so glad to hear that :D Lol! Glad you like it, dear! Thanks :D xx