Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's a NEWBORN!!

Okaaay, where should I begin?

Oh right, WELCOME!! Welcome welcomeee to my newborn blog! And BIG THANKS for coming and to see this lil baby :D

First of all, I love nail art! I love doing my rrrr.. other people's ...okay, my nails (even though it's harder to do artwork on my own nails.) Actually I'm still a newbie, freshly newbie, in this kinda nail art world. But I think nail art is totally COOL, really, I meant it. I'm soooo in love with nail art, although my designs are still soooo awful (I use more nail polish remover than nail polishes when doing nail art --")

I don't know what kind of evil spirit angel who's entering my brain till I decided to make this nail blog (yaaaaaay *badsfx) Well, it has been made! Just to share my nail designs, experiences, my stories (about how much nail polish remover I used compared to the nail polishes) :p

Sooo, again, welcome to my blog!! Don't forget to check out my next posts and feel free to leave your comments for questions, critics, or tips. Still need to learn LOTS of things about nail art. Hope you guys girls enjoy it.

Let's get started!! .... rrrr some other time --" Absolutely not today :p

God bless you

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