Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tribal Owl (ok, not a tribal actually -.-) FAILED

Tribal is huge these days so I decided to try it (booo.. So late!) Inspired by Tribal Owl Nails from professionalDQ
But unfortunately I was in a rush when I was doing this mani. And yup, I have to say goodbye to tribal mani *punching my face. I only did tribal on my thumb and gave up on the rest of my nails.

So this is it! (Well, it really doesn't look like a tribal actually -.- I left the real tribal part behind)

And these are the nail polishes I used.

- Revlon Berry Delicious
- Revlon Professional Grow 10 as base coat
- OPI Matte Top Coat
- OPI Mummy Knows Best from Spookettes Mini Collection
- OPI I Only Date Werewolves from Spookettes Mini Collection

Well, I hope you like it :) Till next time!!

Oh and don't forget to check out peofessionalDQ's channel. She has a lot of great nail art tutorials :D

God bless you

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