Saturday, December 14, 2013

VicCopycat - Lucy's Stash' Floral Stamping Nail Art

Hi everyone!

It's weekend already! Time for VicCopycat again! This week VicCopycat is featuring Floral Stamping Nailart by Lucy's Stash. Wait, stamping? Vic does stamping? No no no, I didn't stamp the floral pattern on my nails like what Lucy did. Well, I don't have that kind of floral pattern on my one and only stamping plate after all (Yup, I still only have one plate!) So again, like what I did in my VicCopycat - Chalkboard Nails Squeaky Toy Nail Art, I freehanded the floral pattern. 

And yes, it almost made my eyes crossed! But it's worth it!

I have one exciting news. I recently won a nail art contest held by Luchessa and Polish Alcoholic, and my prize has arrived!! Yaaaaay! I got 2 bottles (6 ml) mini set of ANNY 6 in 1 und Color “Desire in N.Y"! Wow, I've never tried this brand because I think I won't find it here in Indonesia. So I'm freeeeakin' excited!

I even got a really sweet letter from Luchessa :D
Thanks a lot! I really am enjoying them! xoxo

Here's 2 coats of Hot Pink Spring. No top coat

Honestly I don't know wether it's a base coat, top coat, or base and top coat in one. But because its name is 6 in 1, I assume that it's base and top coat. Well, here's a coat of 6 in 1 over ANNY Hot Pink Spring. 
I really love them! The formula is really great and dried pretty fast. I also love their brushes. Really easy to work with!

Again, thanks a lot to Luchessa and Sabrina for sending me these awesome goodies. I love love LOVE them!!

That's it! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed it :D
Have a great day beauties!

God bless you


  1. So pretty! Your freehand skills are amazing!

    1. Aawww stop it now :) Thanks honey! Really glad you like :D