Monday, October 28, 2013

Crumpet's Nail Tarts 33 DC Day 16 - South America

33 DC #crumpetsnailtarts Day 16 - South America

I totally have no idea about this prompt so I decided to go with flags.

Thumb: Puerto Rico (aaand it's not South America --" How can I be so dumb!!)
Index: Colombia
Middle: Guyana
Ring: Chile
Pinky: Brazil(I used the wrong blue here!)

Again, I forgot to take a picture of my thumb --"

Products used:
- OPI Mummy Knows Best (white base color on thumb and ring, and as white stars detail)
- Revlon Electric (yellow base color on pointer, middle, and pinky)
- Red acrylic paint
- Green acrylic paint
- Dark blue acrylic paint
- Light blue acrylic paint

Well, that's it! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed it :D
Great day, everyone!

God bless you


  1. Puerto Rico is not in South America!

    1. uh oh stupid me! It's still in the US isn't it? I think I was mistaken by it's name :(

    2. Oh, even if it wasn't still in the US it would still be in Central America, hihi
      Don't worry I suck in Geography I just know the American part, because I went to school in Argentina, but I'm mostly lost in the rest of the world, LOL! Well, but at least we can say we learn a lot of things blogging about nails! hey, that's pretty cultural ;)
      I love your mani, it's very sharp, and seeing all the flags together always gives me a great impression of fraternity that's also quite moving!!

    3. Lolol You suck in Geography, then I extremely super duper suck in Geography! I only know the South East Asian... well, only the Indonesian part... partially... :p Lololol Yeah, that's the reason I took sience class in highscool :p And yup, I couldn't agree more, I really learnt a lot since I started blogging! Glad you love this mani, Natalia :D

  2. Oh! you forgot Argentina, the second most important South American country after Brazil :S
    Well, never mind, I only did Argentina's flag so I think that compensates :D LOL!

    1. Actually I was thinking of doing the Argentina flag at first! But then I thought painting the detailed sun would scare me :( I chose the most simple flags to paint from the list I got from google (And sadly google deceived me! Or yeah I took the wrong list --")

  3. Wow, blogging teach us a lot:)
    And your manicure's awesome;) Actually, I like Puerto Rico's flag the most:)

    1. Lolol yeeess!! Glad you like it, that really made me feel better about this mistake :p Thanks E! :D